We spent our clinical shifts in the placements that we selected. We split the shifts into two different wards, so we could experience all that was offered to us. After clinical, we ventured forth to he William Wallace monument. We decided to take he road less traveled, and we ended up walking half a mile through grassland and forest, where a few of us were stung by stinging plants. When we arrived at the base of the monument, a kind worker explained that there was another local plant to soothe the stinging sensation and gave us a few leaves to rub on our legs. We then trekked up the hill that led to the monument and climbed 273 steps to the top, which overlooked the majority of Stirling. The monument had stops to explain the history of William Wallace and the famous battle that occurred in Stirling. Afterwards, a few of us decided to go to the Allenwater Brewhouse to try homemade beers and ciders. Before heading back, we decided to stop for some delicious Chinese takeaway to fulfill the cravings that a few of us had.


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