We took a tour of Forth Valley Royal Hospital. We toured the Women and Children’s areas, like labor and delivery, neonatal, and pediatric wards, and it was interesting to finally see this area of nursing. We even had the opportunity to participate in their simulation area, where we unknowingly participated in a mock code. For being unaware that we were going to be participating and not just touring, we took advantage of the situation and followed through with what we were taught this past spring semester. After our clinical shifts, we were given the opportunity to hike up the Dumyat Hill. Three students had the courage to hike up the 1,371 foot high “mountain” as best as a Floridian could. We decided to take the adventure to part ways from the group and follow another trail that led up the hill. It was a long and difficult hike that lasted about an hour, but the view was worth it. Being able to see all of Stirling and the horizons was an unforgettable moment that can’t be forgotten or replaced by the nonexistent Florida hills.


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